D5 3G Desktop Graphics Card


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Video memory bit width: 192

Core frequency: 900MHz (MHz)

Video memory frequency: 900MHz (MHz)

Stream processor unit: 640

1 style: display GTX1050TI 4GB,

2 style: display GTX1050 4GB,

3 styles: display GT1030 4GB,

4 styles: display GTX970 4GB,

5 styles: display GTX960 4GB,

6 styles: display GTX950 4GB,

7 styles: display GTX780TI 4GB,

8 styles: display GTX780 4GB,

9 styles: display GTX750TI 4GB,

10 style: display GTX750 4GB,

11 styles: display GT740 4GB,

12 models: display GT730 4GB,

13 style: display GTX660 4GB,

14 style: display GTX650TI 4GB,

15 models: display GTX650 4GB,

16 styles: real GTX550TI 1G,

17 styles: real GTS450 1G,

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 250 × 200 × 100 cm



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D5 3G Desktop Graphics Card